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Top shelf carpentry is about precision, accuracy, and a combination of technical skills and experience. At Stonum's Custom Carpentry and Painting, all members of our team have spent years learning the trade of carpentry and are happy to apply their knowledge on your particular project from design to execution.

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Turning your ideas and plans for wood into a custom

Designed to be modern carpenters in Palm City that embrace both cherished tradition as well as technology advancements, Stonum's Custom Carpentry and Painting is one of the few that can seamlessly blend the old and new. Our carpentry and woodworking services are of the highest quality and you'll like what we do.

Stonum's Custom Carpentry and Painting knows that demand for talented carpenters in Palm City will always be there. As such, we want to be the name you call when you need help framing a house, building a wooden structure, or even just constructing a new kitchen cabinet.

For Palm City carpenters that get it right, call Stonum's Custom Carpentry and Painting at 772-220-2631.

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Peerless Carpentry Services.

Stonum's Custom Carpentry and Painting is a full-service carpentry services provider, handling both general carpentry work and woodworking. Learn more about what we do by clicking through to the below.

You only get one chance for a perfect fixture installation and if it's not done right, then it will bother you for years to come. For the best installations and renovations in Palm City, there's no better firm than Stonum's Custom Carpentry and Painting. Our attention to detail and unrivaled carpentry ability translate to perfect installations for cabinets, walls, closets, and much more.

While we work with many local Palm City builders on new constructions, Stonum's Custom Carpentry and Painting is also fully capable of handling single or multiple-room renovations as well. When working on a remodel project, we'll first sit down to understand what you want to achieve with the renovation and then tailor our plan to combine our mastery of carpentry with your designs.

In addition to our peerless skills with carpentry installations and renovations, what brings our Palm City clients back time after time is the level of service present in everything we do. We want our installations and renovations, even in the smallest way, to improve your life. If we haven't yet done that, then the job isn't finished.

We're your pick for start-to-finish carpentry installations and renovations in Palm City that are built to impress. Schedule a visit with Stonum's Custom Carpentry and Painting today by calling 772-220-2631.

While many people in Palm City may be content to buy off the shelf cabinetry from the local hardware store, Stonum's Custom Carpentry and Painting offers another, more elegant option. Our custom woodworking skills allow us to build one-of-a-kind cabinetry pieces that are highly functional and deliver a unique look to your kitchen and bathroom.

Our custom cabinets and those from the store may appear similar, but a closer look will soon reveal the huge difference. For starters, all of our cabinets in Palm City are built using quality wood and never cut-rate, leftover pieces or cheap plywood covered by a wood veneer. At Stonum's Custom Carpentry and Painting, we value our reputation for quality cabinets and our many happy customers.

You might think that custom cabinetry in Palm City would cost a small fortune, but many of our clients are pleasantly surprised by our reasonable prices. However, the value is through the roof. Your unique kitchen or bathroom cabinets by Stonum's Custom Carpentry and Painting may not have cost a million dollars, but they'll certainly look that way.

For cabinets in Palm City that stand out from the crowd, call Stonum's Custom Carpentry and Painting at 772-220-2631 and schedule a free design visit.

In hiring an independent Palm City carpenter, one thing should never be in question - structural integrity. Whether it's a new addition to your property or another carpentry project, the Stonum's Custom Carpentry and Painting team has the necessary experience to ensure your plans are engineered well. As a design and build solution, we're your one-stop shop for structural carpentry.

Following the traditions of structural carpentry, the team at Stonum's Custom Carpentry and Painting is well-versed not only in standard framing and stairway construction but also in structural concepts. This translates to an ability to modernize, renovate, or remodel your Palm City property in a way that retains structural integrity and adds both beauty and function at the same time. From deck building to gazebo construction to window framing, we do it all.

At Stonum's Custom Carpentry and Painting, the sky's the limit for our structural carpentry skills - if you can dream it, then we can build it. Our shop is outfitted with a full arsenal of woodworking tools and our experience combines both traditional woodworking techniques with modern advancements, such as using computer modeling programs.

For your next framing or wooden construction job in Palm City, call Stonum's Custom Carpentry and Painting at 772-220-2631 for carpentry work with flawless structural integrity.

The art of carpentry may go back for centuries, but modern times have seen this skill slowly disappear. Fortunately for local residents, master carpentry and woodworking is alive and well in Palm City, with Stonum's Custom Carpentry and Painting leading the charge for quality carpentry at prices affordable for a wide diversity of customers.

Whether you're looking for custom millwork, bookshelves to fit a tight space, or a new coffee table for the living room, Stonum's Custom Carpentry and Painting can get it done. We'll ask you for input about what you want and designs you like before presenting sketches and simulations for approval. Once you've given our plans the green light, we'll start working and deliver the final product to your Palm City address.

At Stonum's Custom Carpentry and Painting, we're proud to be one of the last few still holding the carpentry torch in Palm City. We know there is still a market for our special ability and offer impressive work without a huge price tag to those that appreciate the high quality we bring to the table every time

For traditional and modern carpentry that brings new function to your Palm City property, call Stonum's Custom Carpentry and Painting at 772-220-2631 for a free estimate.

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